Here in this project we didn’t plan to show an exact image of objects. The main idea is the search and transmission of the harmony of the surrounding world. We believed that nature of Kamchatka is perfect and any copying of it is meaningless.

Special thanks: Tours to Kamchatka Heliski on Kamchatka

Music by Kirill Gorokhov:

Shot on DJI Mavic 3

Project of Andrew Efimov
Drone pilot

Artem Chirukhin
Drone camera & pilot

Vitaly Karpovich, Andrew Efimov

Ground Camera Vladimir Mikhailov
Edit Andrew Efimov

Color grading

Vitaly Karpovich
Composer Kirill Gorokhov
Sound Designer

Artem Zinovyev
Designer Alexa Geletey
SMM Ksenia Chekhovskaya, Azat Zalyaev
CMO Alyona Tin

Anastasia Mikhailova, Andrew Efimov


Сохрани и поделись: