10 years – the first anniversary! The design Duo sums up the first results, recalls how it was and sets the tone for the future. According to Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, every image in their new couture collection is «something old» (whether it’s embroidery, a silhouette or an idea) and at the same time «something new». And-Yes, «something blue» was also there!

After inspecting the archives and updating what they found, the designers presented an interesting collection, which included jacquard coats and evening dresses decorated with feathers, shiny pantsuits and dresses decorated with sculptural organza flounces and huge voluminous flowers, models with floral embroidery and prints.

The color scheme of the Ralph & Russo collection was also original, with a solo of yellow-green Chartreuse and cool Aqua, diluted with shades of white and pale pink.

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