How to Embroider a Leaf Stumpwork Hand Embroidery
In this video you will learn how to embroider a leaf Stumpwork
yarnArt ETAMIN
regular needle
fabric: tulle medium hard
How to embroider Viola flowers:

blanket long and short stitches
long and short stitches
stem stitch
loop stitch
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00:00 How to embroider a leaf
00:10 yarnArt ETAMIN
00:23 blanket long and short stitches
02:19 long and short stitches
05:43 stem stitch
06:03 inside
06:08 cut
06:27 how to embroider a bud
06:56 loop stitch
08:07 how to sew a leaf
09:42 Thanks for watching!
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