Many of us are stuck at home…but fear not! We are all creative beings, capable of making the most of any situation. To celebrate our home-bound selves #GoPro is launching the #HomePro Challenge! We want to see what creative radness, inventiveness or, err…weirdness you are getting up to at home.

Every day, from March 23 through April 30 we will pick 5 of our favorite content submissions and award the creator their choice of a #GoProHERO8 Black or #GoProMAX camera + 5 years of #GoProPLUS, free!

No GoPro? No problem. This contest is open to footage from any camera including your phone. The FREE #GoProApp is awesome for editing footage shot with any camera!

Here’s how to enter:

1 — Download the free GoPro App

2 — Use the GoPro App then post a photo or video that shows us your HomePro moment to Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or TikTok

3 — Add #GoPro #HomePro to your post so we can find it and consider it for the daily giveaway.

Be it science (filming an egg poaching or the Coke + Mentos explosion?), music (let’s see some skills!) or whatever it is that you think is awesome…juggle madness??…we want to see it! We’ve got a ton of GoPros + PLUS subscriptions to give away so let’s go, people!!!


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