Free style Embroidery with strokes | Rose
In this video you will learn how to embroider a bouquet of roses. Simply!
pattern —
bobbin thread: MosSilk (Russia)
fine needle 4 cm
hoop: diameter 30 cm
Happy viewing!
00:00 — Embroidery witch strokes
00:12 bobbin thread: MosSilk (Russia)
00:29 Branch with thorns
00:32 — stem stitch
01:59 Leaves
06:01 general view of embroidery
06:09 WS
06:19 Rose
07:42 Free style Embroidery witch strokes
10:02 Free style Embroidery witch strokes
10:25 general view of embroidery
10:28 WS
10:33 How to embroider letters
13:38 Thanks for watching! :)))
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