Dimensional Embroidery | Braided Cast on stitch | new floral design
In this video, you will learn a new floral design
pattern — https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1995693817253699&set=pcb.2640495202922006
Stitches :
Braided Cast on stitch
french knot
fly stitch
satin stitch
pistil stitch
couching stitch
straight stitch
YarnArt Lily , YarnArt Tulip, Gazzal — these threads can be replaced with DMC perl
ordinary 2 needles 7 cm & 5,5 cm
Thanks for watching!
00:00 new design for a flower
00:10 thread YarnArt Lily
00:20 needle 7 cm
00:25 Braided Cast on stitch
04:06 WS
04:25 french knot YarnArt Lily (yellow)
04:55 Leaves and twigs thread YarnArt Tulip (melange)
05:00 needle 5,5 cm
05:03 twig — couching stitch
05:27 twig — couching stitch, straight stitch, fly stitch; 08:55 french knot
06:39 Leaf 1 — fly stitch
07:38 Leaf 2 — satin stitch
08:10 forget-me-nots — pistil stitch, french knot
09:22 thread Gazzal (green)
09:55 Thank you for making my channel the best!

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