Blue peacock: Hand Embroider| Magic Stitches
In this video you will learn how to embroider a blue peacock
pattern —
used stitches:
stem stitch
twisted chain stitch
single chain stitch
step chain stitch
fly stitch
french knot
stitches for Rose:
Cast-on stitch
fabric: organza (for dress)
threads: Iplik Stitu
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00:18 — material
00:33 — peacock head
05:39 — step chain stitch
09:10 — peacock tail
09:18 — twisted chain stitch
10:04 — fly stitch
18:46 — branch (stem stitch)
19:40 — leaves (single chain stitch)
20:50 — the Rose (Cast-on stitch)
22:20 — the Rose (pokoko)
23:38 — french knot
23:52 — wrong side
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