With his mixed Chinese and Japanese ancestry, his upbringing in Singapore, his further education in England, Andrew Gn is a citizen of the world, which fully reflects in his creations.

After studying at Central Saint Martins in London and Domus Academy in Milan, Andrew Gn came to Paris to work as assistant to M. Emmanuel Ungaro. He then started his own house which has over the years grown into a full-fledged international label, available in the best stores around the world.

Since his early childhood Andrew Gn was immersed in the world of Art and Antiques. He is a collector at heart. This passion translates into many cultural and historical inspirations for his fashion designs. Chinese porcelain, Braque, Utopian Robots, there is no impossible dialog. East meets West, Klimt meets Tribal art and Baroque meets Sci-Fi. His collections are a journey through time and space, encapsulated in the most luxurious and exclusive materials.

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