Alena Shishkova White Star beauty co-founder from Russsia🌟
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Alena Shishkova (Russian: Алёна Шишкова, pronounced born 12 November 1992) is a Russian glamour model and beauty queen. She has modeled for glamour photo shoots with Russian men’s magazine Maxim,[2] commercial advertising campaigns and walked at fashion shows. She appeared in the Miss Russia 2012 beauty pageant of Russia and was crowned Vice Miss Russia


An important year for Alena Shishkova was 2012, when the girl decided to take part in the contest “Miss Russia 2012”. At the same time Alena managed to become the owner of the title of second vice-miss of Russia. Then the exit of the girl was remembered by extraordinary and very strange answers to standard questions from the audience. Yet Shishkova managed to win the hearts of men and fans of their beauty.

Thanks to such a prestigious competition, photos of Alena Shishkova began to appear in fashion magazines, and before it all new horizons opened up. Svetlana Kuvshinova, director of the Moscow Renaissance model agency, first drew attention to the girl during the competition tests. It was then that Shishkova entered into a serious contract with the agency.
At the end of 2012, Alena Shishkova met rapper Timati, and after a few months, the star party began to talk about the romantic relationship of the musician and the model. For the first time Alyona and Timati appeared together at the New Year’s concert “Song of the Year.” Then the girl did not go on stage, but only behind the scenes accompanied the singer and walked with him by the hand.

On March 19, 2014, Alena Shishkova presented Timati with a daughter, whom her parents named Alice. In social networks, the mother of the baby shared a secret, how she returned to her former weight, without being embarrassed, starred in a bathing suit and without makeup. The post gathered rave reviews from women who faced the same problem.
Fans expected that the birth of a child will push the stars for the wedding, but this did not happen. After some time, the couple broke up, but the artist is constantly involved in raising his daughter.
Haters have repeatedly reproached the young mother that she abandoned her daughter and Alice’s grandmother Simona is engaged in raising Alice. However, the model explained that her parents live in Tyumen and would be happy to devote themselves to her granddaughter, but they cannot yet, they arrive only for a while. And the mother of rapper Shishkov is grateful that she works calmly and does not worry as if she left the girl with other people’s nannies.

After parting with Timati, the former common-law wife of the rapper does not complain about the absence of fans. For two years, Alyona concealed new relationships and showed subscribers on social networks only photos of gifts from her boyfriends. The noise was made by a joint shot of Shishkova and Yegor Creed, who, by the way, is part of the Black star team, headed by a former lover of the model. A number of followers of the singer could not resist the warning comments — he would have been careful not to make his own producer.
In November 2016, Alain was seen with Nikita Mazepin, the 17-year-old pilot of the Formula 1 Sahara Force India reserve team. Paparazzi took pictures of young people walking together, and then in the Instagram of the young man a photo appeared along with a model with the signature “With love”.

Six months later, the press started talking about Alena’s new novel. The alleged guy Shishkova was again younger than the model. Alena started posting photos on Instagram with 19-year-old Yuri Osipov, the son of the former president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the pictures with him, the model closed the comments, which also alerted the fans.


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